'Silicon Valley Season 4': HBO Made The Series More Funnier Than Ever

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Mar 30, 2017 06:20 AM EDT

HBO's "Silicon Valley" is about to make a fun and techy comeback for the fourth time as Erlich's facial hair has grown wackier than ever.

For three seasons, HBO's "Silicon Valley" tailed the Pied Piper team as they attempt to get their ground-breaking, middle-out compression platform to the market. This is despite an enormous and comical array of hitches - some triggered by greedy and jealous people in the tech world and some very much self-inflicted.

Twists And Turns Of Pied Pipers Journey

In season 3, Pied Piper finally throws down and initially seemed successful, but in typical "Silicon Valley" fashion this seeming moment of achievement only opened the door to more serious complication. When the series returns to HBO for season 4 on April 23, tremendous changes will be in store for the team as was already teased in an earlier, shorter screening.

In a new clip, accompanied by some fantastic fan art presentation, by famed comic book creator Daniel Clowes, Richard and Jared challenge their new bosses, Erlich and Big Head, while Richard declares that he's leaving but the rest of the team is planning to throw him overboard. What could the brilliant but stubborn Richard be up to now? How about innovating the internet?

Season Is Stranger Than Ever

Fortunately, the comedy satirizing tech culture also seems to be as keen and funny as it's ever been. There are also difficulties, failures, and topical temper. In this event, Erlich explains the concept of "mansplaining" to two women and It doesn't go well.

HBO bringing back some of its original and award-winning TV shows may maintain and continue their usual ratings and quality despite the changes. "Silicon Valley" will be back for season four on April 23.

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