Niantic's Inactivity In Banning Spoofers May Have Led To Pokémon GO’s Demise In Some Cities

By Kim Chan , Mar 30, 2017 05:53 AM EDT

In the past, Niantic's Pokémon GO may have broken numerous records but it seems that today, its fire has already smoldered in smithereens. Is it because of the lack of content? Well, that's another story. The new problem transpired following Niantic's elusion towards banning spoofers - costing them an entire city to wither from excitement. Here's the full story.

Pokémon GO : Problems With Spoofers

A dismal spoofing problem has been recorded in a specific city in Germany after one user shared how a spoofer literally ruined the fun of all Pokémon GO players in his area. According to the user, the city has about 20 gyms and has quite a lively red/blue player base. However, one spoofer ruined the fun of the many after the latter deliberately posted on several Facebook groups; how he performs the supposed-clandestine acts. This initially caused multitude of problems in the city: bringing down gyms after gyms and causing disarray among the players - until he got jailed (for a different reason).

But when the apparent spoofer got out of jail, he began his modus once again - capturing gyms after gyms. Despite the effort of the user and almost a myriad of players from the entire city, Niantic seemed to have ignored the reports as the miscreant still managed to do his day-to-day activities.

Impact Of Spoofing

As a result, the majority of Pokémon GO users in the area have lost interest in the game as nobody wants to fight in the gyms anymore. Furthermore, due to the recent inactivity in the area, the spoofer is now "travelling" to adjacent cities to begin applying the same method all over again. The poster feared that sooner or later, a lot of players will lose interest in playing the game due to this grief behavior.

It's worth noting that earlier this month, an update in the Android's security platform has rendered Android users 6.xx and above to avoid spoofing. However, as stated in this article, only a handful of Pokémon GO playerbase are using 6.xx and above operating systems. This means that the majority of spoofers are not affected by the change. With this dreadful news, is it about time for Niantic to step up their game and punish these spoofers?

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