Injustice 2 Villainous Trailer Reveals Two New Characters

NetherRealm Studios finally released a brand new trailer for Injustice 2. Unlike the previous releases, the latest video footage highlights the villains of the game. The trailer is entitled "It's Good to be Bad," which reveals two new characters arriving at the game.

According to GameSpot, the video features four of Injustice 2's bad guys. Each of them was given decent time to highlight their combat abilities. Meanwhile, two of them were already seen previously namely Gorilla Grodd and Bane. That leaves Scarecrow and Captain Cold as the other two who are new additions to the game's final roster of confirmed characters.

As expected, Captain Cold freezes his enemies and glides around on the ice. Scarecrow, on the other hand, has a monster appearance. He swings around with a hook on end. He uses the hook to toss enemies around the stage. The latest Injustice video also showcases several super moves such as Scarecrow turning into a giant in the background of the level.

Apparently, it appears that both Gorilla Grodd and Bane are heavy hitters of the new trailer. Grodd, a Flash villain, possesses telepathic abilities aside from his brute strength. Meanwhile, Bane, or aka the villain who broke the Batman, receives a more realistic appearance compared to the first game. However, he seems to have same power moves still. For Bane mains, they should be able to get familiar with the character instantly.

Injustice 2 already received several interesting reveals recently, and NetherRealm Studios continues to launch new trailers as the game's official release nears. It is expected that the company will announce more character reveals around next week since it appears that the game has not yet finalized. As a result, fans are suggested to wait for the upcoming announcements regarding the game.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to arrive on May 16 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.


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