‘Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller Reveals Why She Quit; Speaks Up About Cheryl Burke Taking Her Place

Abby Lee Miller finally speaks up about leaving “Dance Moms” all of a sudden. She has revealed the real reason behind her departure. She also finally revealed her thoughts on Cheryl Burke replacing her on the said show.

Abby Lee Miller’s Reason For Leaving “Dance Moms”

It hasn’t been that long since Abby Lee Miller has been put in the spotlight for quitting the popular Lifetime show, “Dance Moms” and even ranted on her Instagram account about it. Aside from that, she has been involved with legal issues and the most recent one is a bankruptcy fraud case that may land her in jail. Miller finally disclosed that there’s a real reason why she had to quit “Dance Moms” and she said it had something to do with her health.

Miller explained that participating in “Dance Moms” has deteriorated both her physical and mental health. She further pointed out that this was a result of being continuously disrespected and not being given due credit for her efforts in the show. She revealed that she had reached the point that she has had enough and she wasn’t willing to put up with more of the mental strain.

Abby Lee Miller’s Okay With Cheryl Burke?

After Miller quit “Dance Moms”, Lifetime clearly needed someone to replace her immediately for the show to go on. The network have reportedly decided on “Dancing With The Stars” star and professional dancer Cheryl Burke to fill in for Miller. Burke has revealed that she is excited to work on the show with talented kids, even claiming that her first day of filming for the said reality show was amazing.

Miller surprisingly seems to be fine with Burke taking her spot on the show and she thinks it’s great. Miller said that she was happy that Burke, who has years of experience working on a network show, will be working on “Dance Moms” because then she’ll find out what Miller has been working with for the past seven years. Miller also said that she doesn’t believe Burke is replacing her because they have different approaches and vibes.

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