Nintendo Switch Gamers Are Targets Of These Dangerous Cybercrimes

By Donna Bellevue , Mar 31, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

Nintendo Switch's popularity is being taken advantage by cyber criminals to scam gamers into downloading malicious software. Another danger perpetrated by scammers is to direct the gamer's to fill out internet surveys that could give them access to the victim's personal information. Norton security professionals discovered the fake emulators and phishing sites promising to let gamers play Switch games on a PC.

The Switch went on sale just March of 2017 and is already becoming the fastest-selling console in the game developer's history. Unfortunately, it has also become riddled with numerous scams and other the elaborate tricks that have been proven to be dangerous cyber crimes. Aside from gaining access to your personal data, scammers can also use the process of sending you through the hoops to collect a paycheck.

According to the Mirror Online, a search for 'Nintendo Switch Emulator' on YouTube racks up tens of thousands of views, making it an easy bait for gamers who are looking to unlock new games. Game emulators are highly sought after by gamers. In some cases, they allow users to play titles that are no longer available in the current field of gaming.

However, the real reason why game emulators are so in demand is that it is an easy way of pirating current software. It gives cash-strapped gamers to avoid paying out for a genuine copy of the game. However, this convenient way of acquiring game titles is also filled with scamming potential.

According to the Independent, Nintendo Switch survey scams and potentially unwanted applications from YouTube videos and other websites could be driven by affiliate programs. Satnam Narang from Norton explains that with each click and surveys completed, the groups that set up the scams get commissions from their websites. He recommends that web users apply careful inspection of websites that ask them to fill out a survey to unlock content, such as carrying out additional research before installing any computer application.

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