Another Overwatch Feature Is Getting Changes Soon

Blizzard has addressed that another feature in Overwatch might be getting somewhat of a revamp. Meanwhile, one map has gotten some subtle visual reworks in the latest patch.

Overwatch Player Cards Are Changing

Player cards are another great way to praise players for their spectacular performance in the game. Prime examples are impressive heals, damage done, kill streaks and a good number of revives. However, the current system comes with its faults as sometimes the cards will focus on some strange factors like melee final blows or number of deflects instead of focusing on the more impressive feats.

Because of this, fans have taken to the game's official forums to bring up the strange problem. Luckily enough, game director Jeff Kaplan has answered the fans and has offered a few solutions for the strange situations. He claimed that they can adjust the tuning for the cards that "don't feel good" and are also open to hearing feedback regarding stats that players do or do not want to see.

These changes could have a big influence on the esports scene as fans will now have an easier time tracking who did well in the match. Since the game lacks an actual scoreboard, the only way to judge a player's performance is through the medals in the game.

Visual Update In King's Row

Similarly, Blizzard also worked on another change in the game. Redditor karlforpresident shared that the textures were cleaned in the King's Row map. The area itself hadn't changed unlike the Eichenwald route but the lighting gave the map a brighter atmosphere. The visual tweaks focused on the capture points, escort route and the factory exterior.

Players should expect more changes in the future as Blizzard is still fully supporting its first-person shooter. The developers are also open to fan feedback as they cooperate with the community to enhance the game. Those who want to play Overwatch can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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