Samsung Galaxy S8 Stunning 'Dual Pixel' Camera Brings Snapchat-like Filters

The Korean smartphone maker is adding filters and fun faces straight to its camera, not needing to use any camera app if users feel the need to enhance their image. The new camera feature will come on the newly upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone. The highly anticipated flagship duo comes equipped with the same camera hardware as their predecessors, sporting a 12-megapixel "Dual Pixel" sensor that was often announced as the best before the Google Pixel. There are no new camera modes to the Galaxy S8, however, you'll see all the usual interface which includes a Selective focus mode just like iPhone 7's, Portrait mode, Panorama mode, and Hyperlapse mode.

According to a source, the same live colored filters made popular in the older generation of Samsung phones are included here, too. Surprisingly, there's also a new feature that delivers Snapchat-like augmented reality filters to the viewfinder. Users can be able to use and enjoy them while you're recording a video or while snapping photos. Moreover, among the latest pictographs is a boy with bunny ears similar in appearance to the popular Snapchat filter. Interestingly, there are also new filters being introduced including judges, pilots, and teachers. The smartphone will come with Samsung's version of Android 7 or Nougat and have 646 new icons.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit the store in South Korea and U.S. on April 21st, pre-orders have started in the states. The device will reach Hong Kong almost a month later, in mid-May. No official word yet on the release in China and other regions. Furthermore, the offer will be across the nation's major retailers and Samsung brand shops, as well as through its official website, Take note, stocks will be limited and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis, according to Samsung.


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