James Bond's Sexy Aston Martin DB11 Swaggers Back To Limelight

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 01, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

James Bond’s favorite carmaker, the Aston Martin, swaggers back to the limelight with a sexy DB 11 to dazzle car enthusiasts and potential buyers. The latest vehicle from the brand is said to have helped it get a decent comeback to the public markets for the first time in five years. Having gone through seven bankruptcies in all its 104 years in the business, the classic car make is now suddenly flushed with new capital.

There is even a new management team in place that intends to spend the fresh capital on a torrent of new products to further make dazzling profits. The company also hopes to restore fascination and awe to the brand among the younger generation. Included in its new lineup is a mix of elegant sports cars, the brand's first sport-utility vehicle, and its first-ever battery-electric vehicle.

Aston Martin's latest production, the sexy DB11, composed nearly two-thirds of the company's 2017 production. The brand anchored its return to the limelight on this sleek performance car that has made headlines due to its sheer elegance and smooth power. According to the Finalternatives, the product is unsurprisingly already sold out, increasing the brand's annual EBITDA this year of £160 - £165 million compared to just £61 million in 2015.

The company’s turnaround began in 2012 and provided the necessary investment capital to build a new stunning car powerful and extraordinary enough to entice new consumers. That car became the DB11, which the brand strongly associated during marketing with the British suave debonair, James Bond. It even got a send-up from the most recent Bond film, SPECTRE, where prototype DB10 was Agent 007's ride of choice.

According to the NBC News, Aston Martin's officials hint the next James Bond spy thriller will feature even newer models. With the turnaround coming in nicely, the company books a 48 percent rise in fourth-quarter sales. The company plans to build one or two new models every year for the next seven years, which included an SUV and an electric car.


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