The Witcher 3 Sequel Is A Huge Possibility

By Alvin Elfwine , Apr 01, 2017 05:39 AM EDT

The Witcher 3 became one of the most critically acclaimed games in the industry. It easily captivated the hearts of many players, especially with Geralt's (the main protagonist) charm and brutal skills. Hence, when it was announced to be the last in the franchise, players were disappointed in a way. That was because they wanted more. However, the developer seems to be reconsidering this idea.

According to IBTimes, an executive from CD Projekt Red revealed about their thoughts of giving The Witcher 3 sequel a try. He first iterated -- during a Q&A portion in the company's results briefing -- that they have always wanted the game to be a trilogy. That the latter, in any genre, is always about having three games. However, he pointed how he and the rest of the guys in the company "like this world."

The aforementioned executive said that they have invested more or less developing the franchise in which The Witcher 3 belonged. "So, we'll think about making a fourth Witcher game," he said. It's worth noting though that the latest installment is the last in Geralt's journey. So, it wouldn't really makes sense if the studio pursues on adding another adventure for him. Hence, one can easily see that the video game company might venture into a new direction.

The idea of giving The Witcher 3 sequel a try came following the new milestone the franchise acquired. All in all, the studio was able to accumulate $250 million in sales. That is not really a bad figure to consider. The trilogy, in particular, has managed to sell more than 25 million copies worldwide, as pointed out by PC Gamer. With the success the franchise has achieved, it's not really a wonder if CD Projekt Red wants to pursue another installment. But of course, until they make an official announcement, it'll remain an interesting idea.

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