David Brown's Mystery Retro-Inspired Sports Cars Will Cater To Classic Car Appetite

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 03, 2017 07:58 AM EDT

David Brown Automotive will start selling retro-inspired sports cars to provide to the rising demand of classic cars. Previously designing for the stunning Aston Martin DB5-inspired Speedback GT, the powerful car caught the attention of several car enthusiasts at the recent Geneva Motor Show. It was the only car that the new auto company produces, but now, it takes on the challenge to produce vintage-inspired vehicles whose value is fast rising in the market right now.

The British automaker has announced its plans to of building a new retro-inspired car to be launched in Q2 2017. Incorporating traditional high-quality coach building with modern technologies based on iconic, retro-inspired design, the secret project aims to impress vintage car enthusiasts. The same level of exquisite craftsmanship seen in the Speedback GT can be expected from this upcoming masterpiece.

Referred only as ‘Project 2, David Brown Automotive hopes to reveal three variants of the new coach building project sometime in the summer. With deliveries expected to start soon in September, there has been no announcement about the price. However, the brand's spokesperson says that their mystery vehicle will be considerably cheaper than the Speedback GT, which had a price tag of over half a million dollars.  

According to Car Buzz, the only the new car company is giving about the design inspiration for Project 2 is that it’s based on “The Original Remastered”. This means that the concept could possibly be taken from a vintage Aston Martin older than the DB5 With Speedback GT, the styling was a modern reimagining of the iconic Aston Martin DB5, based on the now defunct Jaguar XK.

Per GQ, the recent growing appetite for retro-inspired sports car has been brought back by a new generation of auto freaks. Their deep interest in these classic vehicles has revived these vintage beauties, sending prices to skyrocket. This shifting tides of values and taste definitely have pushed new automakers like David Brown to try building these kinds of retro-inspired cars.

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