Google Nexus Q Successor Hits FCC: What Could It Be, Exactly?

By Randell Suba , May 19, 2013 12:17 AM EDT

Search giant Google has been mum about the ill-fated Nexus Q, which abruptly stopped selling last summer. However, it looks like Google is making strides with a new streaming device - an FCC filing reveals that Google has an heir apparent in th works.

An FCC document that circulated around the Internet suggests that the "H840 Device" functions as a media player. There is a confidentiality request that trimmed the information with regard to the Wi-Fi testing but the report indicates that it has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity. Although access to the device data is very limited, Google has confirmed that it is a media player and a fixed based station. This description almost confirms that it is indeed the replacement for the Nexus Q.

The FCC testing also reveals the product code of the media player as H2G2-42 that comes with a playful reference to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adam. For those not familiar, the H2G2 is a guide of some sort to "life, the universe and everything" that takes inspiration from the book of Adam.

Circulating reports say that it was linked via USB to a monitor during testing but that is most likely to access the LCD's slot for memory card and its USB hub since the model used does not have video input via USB.

Everything at the moment can be considered as mere speculation but given the launch of the Music All Access service during the Google I/O 2013, it will be safe to say that the new product is a streaming device. The new media player could have onboard speakers or users can hook it up to external speakers or amplifiers.

Having this new streaming device and the new $10 per month music service will be a great combo for music and gadget lovers. The Music All Access is dubbed to be the new radio streaming service without any rules and it will be fitting for Google to pair it up with a new device that will give the brand a big push in the music industry.

There are no photos of the device yet since Google has requested the FCC to withhold the photos and instruction manual of the H840 Device for 45 days after getting a certification.

There are no words yet when Google plans to unveil the new media streaming device.

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