Tupac Shakur Killed By Suge Knight's Ex-Wife, Rapper Claims

Suge Knight has claimed that ex-wife Sharitha and former Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr killed Tupac Shakur. According to Knight, they originally wanted to kill him in the 1996 drive-by. Now, Knight's attorney Thaddeus Culpepper has revealed in an affidavit that Suge knew it for years that Sharitha and Reggie were behind the attack that killed the rap legend.

According to the attorney, his client has details of Wright's role in the murder. So far, Suge has refused to identify who launched the attack on Shakur. The reason behind him opening up is "Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton." He was reportedly motivated by the "salient points" raised in the new documentary. While Sharitha and Reggie wanted to kill Suge, Tupac, unfortunately, got in the way, even though he had nothing to do with it. The documentary also claims that it was a coincidence that Tupac was in the way, while the real target of the attack was Suge Knight.

Thaddeus Culpepper read out the key points of the book, "Tupac: 187 The Red Knight," to Knight. According to a source by Daily Mail Online, Suge admitted that the theories were true. In fact, the rapper was so fascinated about the theories that he asked private investigators to find out how the writers came to know about what really happened.

Tupac Shakur was only 25 when he was killed in the attack. However, he is still considered one of the most influential rappers ever. The rapper has sold more than 75 million records. On September 7, 1996, Tupac was standing with his head hanging out of a sunroof. He was shot four times and died after six days. According to The Sun, the rapper was involved in the East Coast-West Coast hip hop feud towards the end of his life.

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