‘Kuroko No Basket' Last Game Trailer Released, Film To Be Available In Europe

The second trailer for “Kuroko No Basket: Last Game” has been released a few hours ago. The video is a continuation of the much-anticipated crossover game between Team Strky and the visitors from America, the Jabberwock.

Team Strky Lost To Jabberwock?

After the grueling tournament in the Winter Cup, Team Strky who is led by Tetsuya Kuroko will be facing another formidable opponent. This team is known in various countries and they love to challenge Team Strky to a game. Jabberwock is consist of American streetballers who have a different set of skills compared to a regular basketball player. Jabberwock also has dominating big men that cannot be unmatch physically by any player in Team Strky.

The Last Game

“Kuroko No Basket: Last Game” has been released first in Japan last March 18 this year. Due to its popularity, US and European countries were demanding for it and as per reports, these countries might receive in during the spring. The trailer showed a fierce battle between the two teams. During their first match, Jabberwock overwhelmed the Japanese team which led to their defeat. Being a streetballer, the Captain of the American team disgrace the Japanese tradition intentionally.

Kagetora was not amused with how the Captain of Jabberwock reacted. Seeking for revenge, the Japanese team looks to avenge their loss against the Americans. The Japanese superstars will then make a super team composing of star players from other teams. Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami will spearhead the attack while Shintaro Midorima and Ryota Kise looks to anchor their defense. The Jabberwock’s are also having a fun base on the new clip provided and they don’t look intimidated in the super team.

On the other hand, the producers haven’t discussed season 4 of “Kuroko No Basket”. Technically, it was announced that the sequel is coming but until now, no reports surfaced about season 4.

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