‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Might Be Canceled? Emma Swan’s Status Uncertain?

The latest news about "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 might disappoint its die-hard fans. Considering recent developments, it appears that the fate of the show is hanging in the balance. Rumors say it is very likely that the TV series will be canceled after season six. And even if it is extended for another season, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) might not be in it anymore.

The Future Of The Show Is Uncertain

The show's season 6 is now about to end. However, after the showing of each episode, there seems to be no sense of wrapping up or continuing to season 7. It seems the future of the TV series is uncertain at this point. In this regard, some observers have suggested that season 7 of "Once Upon a Time" should be canceled.

Did Morrison Sign A Part-Time Contract?

There are rumors saying that Morrison has signed a new contract for "Once Upon a Time" season 7. But they also suggest that her contract only requires her to do part-time work. If these rumors are true, it could mean Emma Swan will only be seen in a few episodes. These rumors were based on the tweet of a certain Larry Andreutti from Vancouver. But there is no confirmation provided by Morrison or ABC in this matter.

Some Observers Say The Show Should Be Cancelled

Some observers believe that "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 will be canceled for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that the show is starting to become predictable. They believe that if the TV series is extended, it will continue to grow worse. There is an effort to perk up the show by introducing Gideon. But he is turning out to be just Emma's dark version.

It is very predictable how Gideon can be used to give the show's main characters their proverbial "happily ever after" ending. But observers believe that there is no need for "Once Upon a Time" season 7 if it will just keep rambling on artificially.

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