Blackwoods Crossing Comes Out Today; Earns Rave Reviews

An emotionally compelling narrative that explores the relationship between a young boy and his older sister, Blackwoods Crossing is out now on PS4 and will be available for Xbox One and PC tomorrow. The game has been highly recommended by several reviewers and gaming sites. Blackwoods Crossing will surely tug at everyone's heartstrings.

Blackwoods Crossing Is Highly Recommended

Blackwoods Crossing tells the story of Scarlett and Finn and their relationship as orphaned siblings who grew apart when Scarlett grew to adolescence. Set in a seemingly ordinary train ride that magically transformed into a story of "life, love, and loss," Blackwoods Crossing takes players into the world of Scarlett. And it's their goal to explore their surroundings while solving puzzles and let the story unfold.

Blackwoods Crossing is a narrative-driven first-person adventure game likened to Dear Esther and as much as an emotionally moving journey. Players were faced with a few technical issues but nothing too pervasive; the soundtrack is amazing as well as the art and the voice acting. Blackwoods Crossing is highly recommended by reviewers and video game websites.

"We're thrilled to see Blackwood Crossing finally hit the stores, and hope players feel as connected to Finn and Scarlett's story as we do", said Alice Guy, co-founder of PaperSeven. "Our goal was to build a world with a unique character, a world grounded in surreal magic that confounds player expectations. We wanted to create a dreamlike logic, where fantastical events make perfect sense within the context of the game."

Blackwoods Crossing Out Now

Blackwoods Crossing is the first major release from PaperSeven, an independent studio from Brighton UK and published by Vision Games Publishing. It is set to release on the PS4 today and tomorrow April 5, 2017, for Xbox One and PC. The game costs $15.99 / £12.99 / €15.99.

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