‘Yuri!!! On Ice' Season 2 Updates: Plot Already Revealed? Real Life Figure Skaters Joel Minas And Johnny Weir Wants More Of YOI

A few weeks ago, legions of fans of “Yuri!!! On Ice” held a celebration party honoring the show's success. Although Mitsuro Kubo was not around, there were some big names that provided juicy insights on season 2. Apparently, the plot will still revolve with Yuri Katsuki. Also, Joel Minas and Johnny Weir stated that they are a big fan of the show and hoping for season 2 to be released soon.

Rivalry Between Two Yuri’s

Yuri Katsuki’s lost to Yuri Plisetsky will set-up a rivalry that no one has seen before. Technically, Yuri Katsuki intended to retire already regardless on what happens during the tournament. However, in a stunning turnaround, Yuri Katsuki asked Viktor Nikiforov to mentor him for another year. According to a recent thread on Reddit, the plot would still revolve on the rivalry but with in-depth previews on Yuri Katsuki’s life.

Season 1 was about introducing all of the characters in the series and season 2 will show some of their backgrounds. It is still unclear if the producers will continue the relationship angle between Yuri K and his coach Viktor. It is fully documented that the show have been portraying a same-sex relationship between the two and it is one of the reasons why the show is great. Also, the Tokyo Anime Festival is just around the corner and “Yuri!!! On Ice” might provide some details on their much-anticipated sequel.

Real Life Figure Skaters Have Spoken

Famous figure skaters also chimed in with “Yuri!!! On Ice”. Joel Minas has been a fan of the show since day one. Minas was also present during “Yuri!!! On Ice” fan gathering. Minas stated that the show perfectly depicts on what is happening in figure skating. On the other hand, Johnny Weir said that he was excited the first time to see it and looking forward to more episodes.

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