Nike Co-Founder Interested With Lonzo Ball But Not With Their Asking Price

By Dez Bryant , Apr 06, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

The outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball, stated months ago that they are open for a shoe deal as long as it cost $1 billion. The Ball family might have their wish but they have to reconstruct their price tag.

LaVar Ball’s Outrageous Claims

LaVar Ball has been making quite a few claims about his sons and their family's future. LaVar Ball stated that his son Lonzo Ball is better than Stephen Curry. LaVar Ball back it up with some numbers and highlights from his son's career but it doesn’t really compare to Stephen Curry. The majority of the sports fans and analysts actually questioned LaVar Ball’s statement. Lonzo Ball is doing great at UCLA but not better than Steph Curry. The current point guard of the Golden State Warriors is a two-time MVP and an NBA Champion, while Lonzo Ball hasn't even stepped foot to the NBA yet.

Phil Knight Willing To Sign Lonzo Ball

Phil Knight who is the co-founder of Nike recognizes Lonzo Ball’s talent. During his latest interview, Knight stated that Lonzo Ball is actually good at playing and they are interested in signing him. However, Knight further explained that the $1 billion shoe deal that his father is asking won’t likely happen. Knight said that the request is too steep and that LaVar Ball might be out of his head when he made the request. Ball might have forgotten that Nike has a lot of talents far better than his sons combined. Nike already has a lucrative deal with LeBron James which majority of the fans think The Ball Boys cannot surpass.

Jordan Is Still The King In Sneaker Deals

LaVar ball sat down in an interview on a radio show and was defiant about the $1 billion price tag. LaVar was clear that his sons or his family won’t sign any deal if it's not the amount that is requested. Speaking of sneaker deal, Michael Jordan’s legacy with regards to shoe marketing will never be replaced. Jordan was so famous that Nike has to create his own brand.

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