Meghan Markle's Half Sister Accused Of Using Prince Harry's Girlfriend To Sell Tell-All Book; Samantha Grant Branded Abusive By Own Mother?

Meghan Markle's half-sister is being accused of using the U.S. star's name to sell her tell-all book. Samantha Markle Grant previously announced her upcoming book which she titled "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister" which had a lot of people raising their eyebrows at her. While she refuted the claims about "cashing in" on Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry, people still see otherwise including her mother.

The 52-year-old aspiring author recently dropped by the Australian radio program "Kyle and Jackie O Show" where she was bashed by the host himself. Samantha Grant was supposed to promote her "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister" but Jackie O started to ask her why she titled her book with her half-sister's name. Grant has then clarified that she titled it the way she did to make her book controversial but the feature was actually about her life.

"The book is more about my biracial evolution after my birth out of the sixties," Samantha Grant told the program. "I wanted to make a mark in history and literature -if you will - with my own biracial experiences, it's all positive," she added. Grant also defended her creation saying she is not using Meghan Markle's name for marketing her book and that the media only made it look negative with their comments.

Kyle Sandilands was however not satisfied with her answer and continued to accuse her of taking advantage of Meghan Markle's soon to be status once she decides to marry Prince Harry. The radio program host then awkwardly ended the call after he advised Samantha Grant to stop using Meghan Markle "to trick media organizations into pushing" her tell-all book.

Samantha Grant's mother, Roslyn, also reportedly gave a comment on her book title and accused her of trying to "cash in" on her half-sister's romance with Prince Harry. "Samantha has been dogging her for years. Everything she has said about her is a lie," Roslyn reportedly said in an interview after branding her daughter abusive of Meghan Markle's stardom.

It can be recalled that the news about Samantha Grant penning a tell-all book broke out last February amid the rumors that Meghan Markle is to be engaged with Prince Harry. Since the book is yet to be released, many people speculated from the title that Grant had her half-sister in a bad position by exposing her allegedly "pushy" attitude. The rumors offshoot with talks that Prince Harry's family are not in favor of the actress because of bad publicity. However, sources close to the couple reveal that their relationship is intact.

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