‘Yuri!!! On Ice' Remains Top-Selling Anime Series In Japan; Season 2 Almost Done?

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 07, 2017 05:40 AM EDT

The phenomenal figure-skating animated series, “Yuri!! On Ice” has proven once again that it is not just any ordinary anime with a simple story. The said title has once again reigned the charts for top-selling anime series just recently.

“Yuri!! On Ice” Reigns Weekly Animation Charts

The popular anime series, “Yuri!! On Ice” has topped Oricon’s animation and overall Blu-Ray Disc charts for the third time this week. It sold 33,383 Blu-Ray copies of the said anime. There were also more than 12,000 copies of the anime’s DVD version sold, which made it top the recent DVD animation chart as well.

“Yuri!! On Ice” has bested anime titles like “Digimon Adventure Tri – Chapter 4: Loss” and “Fate/Grand Order: First Order”. Aside from Japanese anime titles, it also bested international animated movies such as “Minions”, “Despicable Me 2”, and “Zootopia”. “Yuri!! On Ice” has been racking in so many sales lately that not one title in the chart was able to come close to its figures.

“Yuri!! On Ice” Season 2 Coming Sooner?

It seems like the wait for “Yuri!! On Ice” Season 2 is almost over. Creator of the original anime series, Mitsuro Kubo has revealed that she has planned on finishing the second season within this year. Aside from hinting that fans will most likely see the new season by the end of 2017, she also revealed that she has already brewed up the stories she wants to come out in the second season.

There are speculations that “Yuri!! On Ice” Season 2 will be focusing on Yuri Katsuki’s past and that it might be released as early as October 2017, which was suggested by many. Nevertheless, the lack of a release date doesn’t mean “Yuri!! On Ice” Season 2 won’t be happening because Mitsuro Kubo herself has insisted that she will make sure that a sequel will be produced and released as soon as possible. She explained that it has always been her wish to continue the series and it is exactly the reason why she is working hard on it.

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