Persona 5 Traits Guide: How To Quickly Boost Your Stats

By Sarene Mae Butao , Apr 07, 2017 05:43 AM EDT

For long-time fans of the franchise, they already know how Persona plays out. It requires lots of time in improving the character's traits and stats. High personality traits would enable players to access some interactions or specific dialogue options.

In Persona 5, the player's character traits are listed as Guts, Knowledge, Charm, Kindness and Proficiency. Each trait would start at level 1 and players continuously work on self-improvement or doing part-time jobs to improve these traits. Though they won't affect much during battles, it would allow players to unlock other features that can help them to fight better.

As seen on Persona 5's subreddit, fans have already gathered much information that could help hasten up the improvement of these personality traits. One Reddit user named Roegadyn lists down several tips in maximizing the gained traits of the in-game character. These tips would help players to save both time and effort in making their everyday lives effective beyond the phantom thieves.

Based on the tips, players need to get the most expensive plant fertilizer to acquire the best Kindness boost. In addition, the Juice Vendor located in the Shibuya train station sells drinks during Sundays that boost personality stats. Borrowing Library books are also great in boosting a trait. In doing so, players need to get all the recommended books that the game provides.

It was also noted that Rainy Days give stat boosts than normal. It is recommended to make use of these days. Lastly, the Monday and Thursday Bathhouse will grant improved Charm gain. The guide suggests that players need to capitalize these bonuses to maximize the time and perhaps focus on building the stat points. Once these stats are maxed out, players can now gain access to any feature, which requires certain stats and getting things done earlier than usual.

Persona 5 is scheduled for release on Sept. 15 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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