AMD Ryzen Tweaks Windows To Boost CPU Performance

AMD’s processors, Ryzen, have suffered negative reviews over their inefficient CPU performance in Windows 10. However, the company now says that it has addressed the issue by tweaking the operating system and putting in place a brand new solution. Named as the new Ryzen Balanced Power Plan, this solution offers to boost the CPU for up to 21 percent faster, which is especially important for gamers.

The company said on Thursday that it had made some significant Windows 10 adjustments and tweaks to ramp up its performance and address customer woes earlier. The Balanced Power Plan is said to handle power states of the individual CPU cores and bump up performance from 3 percent all the way to 21 percent. This is especially useful when playing most popular games.

According to TechRadar, it's important to note that AMD's Ryzen has SenseMI technology inherent in the Ryzen chips. These allow the CPU to make quick adjustments to voltage and frequency to optimize its performance. Unfortunately, these are not designed to make use of Windows 10 ready-made power plans such as "Balanced" and "High Performance".

According to PC World, the boosted computer performance matters since Ryzen CPUs have proven to be a good rival with Intel's applications. However, its gaming performance often trails behind Core i7. The updated power plan aims to effectively close the gap, and it seems to be working very well given the 21 percent boost in CPU performance.

In testing, AMD's Ryzen found a significant performance increase of its CPU performance in the game Crysis 3. It showed a 21.6 percent rise compared to running the default Balanced power plan in Windows 10. Decent increases have also been recorded with other games also such as Gears of War 4, Battlefield 4, Shadows of Mordor, and Grand Theft Auto V.

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