‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 87-89 Major Spoilers Announced: The Master Meets His Disciple, Tenshinhan's Dojo And New Character Named 'Yurin' Revealed

Thanks to V Jump Magazine and @Herms98, fans have now an idea on what is going to happen in the next 3 episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”. After quite some time, Piccolo will again train Gohan to prepare for the Battle Royal. Also, Tenshinhan has a Dojo and will be surprised by a new character named “Yurin”.

Apparently, “Dragon Ball Super” is not done yet. There were rumors that after the Tournament of Power Arc, “Dragon Ball Super” will call it quits. However, with the latest spoilers that were provided, the series has still a lot to offer and topics that are needed to be covered. Yesterday, episode 86 was already discussed by the show's supporters and famed YouTubers. Goku and Android 17 will spar to check each others strength but an unlikely visitors will appear.

Episode 87: ‘Hunt the Poachers’! Goku and No.17 Joint Battle!

The storyline between Goku and Android 17 will continue. The only problem is, their “fight” will be interrupted due to a giant spaceship appearing in the sky. There are a lot of theories created on who sent the spaceship and one of them is the possibility of The Galactic Patrolman Jaco. Geekdom101 stated that Jaco might be warning Goku and Android 17 about a certain criminal who is on the loose but then again, there’s no guarantee if this theory is true.

Episode 88: ‘Gohan And Piccolo, The Master And The Disciples Intense Training To The Limit

The last time the fans saw Piccolo training Gohan was way back Cell series. Technically, Gohan is far superior than Piccolo but the Namekian has a lot of surprises up his sleeves. Gohan knows that he has surpassed his master but is still willing to train with him. As stated by Akira Toriyama, Piccolo has the ability to surpass its limit and has all the tools to teach Gohan, again.

Episode 89: ‘ A Mysterious Beauty Appears! Mystery Of The Tenshin-Style Dojo?

For the second straight day, Tenshinhan has been featured on the spoilers. The devoted martial artist is stronger than what the fans usually know. His third eye has a connection with the Gods and will be used during the Battle Royal. Also, as a martial artist, Tenshinhan is rumored to have built his own Dojo. Tenshinhan will be surprised when a mysterious girl named “Yurin” will ask for his help. This is the first time that the name Yurin appears in “Dragon Ball Super”. It could be either a new character or an old friend of Tenshinan from the past named Launch who disguises herself as another character.

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