Overwatch Fans Are Begging For This Silly Reaper Emote In The New Event

Overwatch fans are going crazy over Reaper and want an emote in the new event based on one of his sassy actions in the lore comic. While players are waiting for Blizzard's response, there seems to be a new leak that features the skins for the upcoming event.

Reaper Gains Fame Following The Overwatch Comic

Blizzard has recently released a new comic revealing more about the backstory of the titular group during the height of the omnic crisis. Aside from revealing Tracer's origins in the group, it also featured other characters and their respective roles in the group. That being said, fans also got a glimpse of Gabriel Reyes aka Reaper during his days on the side of justice.

In one panel, the future terrorist is seen shrugging towards his teammates before leaving the room in a somewhat sassy fashion. While it might not seem like much, this simple action has gained a popularity surge on the internet. In line with this, Redditor AreoMaxxx even made a topic on the website that shows a fanmade sticker of Reaper performing his sassy shrug.

The thread received over 8000 likes from netizens completely agreeing with the idea of bringing the action over to the game. "I think a Highlight Intro, Spray, Voice line, Victory Pose, and Emote would all do this justice," said one Reddit user.

Skins For New Event Leaked

While it is still unclear if Blizzard will carry this over to the upcoming event, Forbes reports that there has been a leak that reveals some of the upcoming skins. The leak was done through the Xbox Live dashboard with one fan taking a quick snapshot before they could take it down. In the picture, Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjorn all seem to be wearing their original blue uniforms.

The only major change seems to be Mercy's short hair, which might pass as a Legendary skin. Everything else might be epic but judging by Mei's Legendary Winter Wonderland skin, these costumes might also fall under the same said category. For now, fans will just have to wait for further updates regarding the new event coming to Overwatch this week.

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