Here's What Huawei P10's Flawless Fit And Finish Can't Make Up For

Huawei's P10 looked like an impressive phone on paper, and coupled with one of the biggest announcements at Mobile World Congress, it promised to be a smartphone that is worth buying. With a US price of about $685, the company is determined to position the phone as a high-end device. However, the product seems to be failing with this one aspect.

In terms of look and feel, this phone is clearly derivative from all other Apple phones. It has the angular P9 as a base, then rounds off its corners and smooths out its edges. This design gives it the overall profile that is unmistakably reminiscent of the iPhone 6.

According to The Verge, Huawei's P10 basically took its fundamental base design from iPhone 6 which came out in 2014. Although considerably more up to date, the only thing that separates both smartphones is the dramatically skinnier side bezels at the phone's front. There is also the total lack of camera bump despite the svelte 7mm-thick frame which also helps to set it apart.

According to the Stuff, Huawei's P10 also has redeeming qualities like its flawless fit and finish, but this still could not make up for its derivative design. One of it's better qualities focuses on its front appearance like its Full HD 5.1-inch IPS LCD display, which translates into a vivid and crisp resolution of 432 ppi. The phone's internals is similar to the P9 with an in-house developed Kirin 960 CPU.

Combined with its 2.4GHz octa-core processor and Mali G71 GPU, Huawei's P10 deliver smooth on-screen action without punishing battery life. In conclusion, even though it's a great phone, it might look a lot like other popular phones. However, the subtle and well thought out tweaks and additions will make it a solid choice if you're looking to upgrade.

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