Overwatch May Soon Come To The Nintendo Switch

There's no surprise that a lot of developers have wanted to create new titles on Nintendo's newest flagship, the Nintendo Switch. However, for those that have prominent games on both PC and console, porting them could be a huge possibility. And that includes Blizzard's popular FPS, Overwatch. Today, Jeff Kaplan has given out information as to how the game could come to the Nintendo Switch.

For weeks now, Jeff Kaplan has been sharing his insights regarding how Blizzard will be porting Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch platform. Despite the difficulty of maintaining three platforms, it seems that Kaplan and his team are up for the challenge and now hoping to see their popular FPS title on the Nintendo Switch "sometime soon."

In an interview with Express, Kaplan said, "I think the problem is, we've really targeted our min spec in a way that we would have to revisit performance and how to get on that platform. Also, it's already challenging right now maintaining three platforms and patching simultaneously, which is something that we've finally been able to achieve."

However, despite the difficulties entailing the Overwatch port on the Nintendo Switch, the game director still concluded at the interview that the company is highly interested in expanding their platforms and that fans may soon see Blizzard's FPS - albeit it may take some time. Although this may confirm that Blizzard is indeed planning on porting Overwatch to the Switch, it's most likely that the process will take a lot of time before everything even comes into being - especially with the game constantly growing and evolving.

In the end, fans can only hope that the complexity of the task would not change the minds of the developers, especially with how enormous the upcoming tasks the team is about to undertake. It's worth noting that Blizzard will soon open the biggest Esport event for Overwatch called Overwatch League -- considered as one of the most ambitious Esport cup to date.

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