Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News: This Is Why You Should Upgrade To Pro 5

If you're thinking of buying yourself a new PC device, look no further as Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 promises to be the best PC product the company has ever made yet. It has been receiving attention lately as the company's next-generation hybrid PC that is packed with powerful hardware. The company has reported being hard at work developing it to be able to overcome some of the issues of past Surface Pros. So what other features make this new product so valuable that you might have to upgrade to it?

Aside from the powerful hardware, there is also the super-detailed screen and the latest Windows 10 software to improve your PC tech experience. While the previous Pros had been known to receive complaints about the device’s battery life, Pro 5 promises to fix that. Other minor changes include the use of Intel’s "Kaby Lake" processors which will make the Pro 5 a little more powerful.

According to The Indian Express, the upcoming premium Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been said to keep the existing Surface Connector so that users can reuse cables and accessories from past products. The company had also assured buyers that Surface Pro 3 power adapters, docks, and Type Covers, would be fully compatible with the Surface Pro 5. The company is yet to decide if it should include a USB-C port with the Surface Pro 5 since many devices running Windows 10 utilize the technology.

Per Daily Express, launched back in October 2015, the Surface Pro 4 was well-received. However, it also means that it's ripe for an upgrade. Its successor, the Pro 5 is set to make buyers more excited for it as the newest product is designed to be able to show off its increased power with the Windows 10 software.

Microsoft's Pro 5 is expected to appear in a matter of weeks at a hardware event. Potential buyers can then have a good look at the laptop-tablet hybrid. The hardware, design, and core performance of the device can then guide buyers if they would want to upgrade.

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