Are You Ready To Party: Microsoft's Djay Pro Support Cranks Up Surface Studio's Capabilities

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 11, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

Microsoft’s Surface Dial accessory brings fun to the party as its new Djay Pro Support app cranks up your favorite music using the Dial. Developed by a design firm that has worked for rival Apple, Algoriddim saw a fun potential for the Surface's dial in the music application. They developed the Djay Pro software, dubbing it as "the best platform we've ever developed djay for".

Surface's Dial accessory has been heavily featured in Surface's Studio introduction video, generating a bit of excitement in artists and people who work in the designing field. It promises to make creative workflows more efficient and fun. However, those were the only capabilities of the accessories, so things have quieted down, urging developers to create more app support for the peripheral’s unique functionality.

That's when Algoriddim joined forces with Microsoft’s Surface team to develop the ultimate party music player, the Djay Pro Support app. According to the PC Mag, the design firm is pretty well-known in tech design field, even winning Apple's coveted Design Award in 2016, and taking an Apple Store Best Of award. Now the firm takes pride in their latest product, which is an iOS and Mac OS app that was just released for Windows 10.

 According to the Digital Trends, the Surface Dial provides for quick and fluid access to a number of the DJay Pro key features. This includes access to filters, adjusting levels, moving through tracks among others. The app appears to be a full-feature option and makes a lot of use of Windows 10’s other main feature, which is the touchscreen support.

Additionally, because Microsoft's Surface Dial works with any Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 device, you can use other hardwares as well. For now, Surface Dial's ability to interact with an application on-screen is limited to the Surface Studio, but you can expect support features to make its way to certain other Surface machines sooner or later. The app is available in the Windows Store at a price of $50, which you can then integrate with Spotify, Groove Music, and iTunes.

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