What We Know About Arrested Development Season Four: Spoilers

By Douglas K. Barclay , May 21, 2013 09:10 AM EDT

Since the shows demise in 2006, the cast and crew of "Arrested Development" have given countless interviews and made constant reference to the long-awaited season four. After being cancelled due to poor ratings in 2006 after three seasons on FOX, the program is returning to Netflix Instant this coming Sunday. The newly developed season four will feature fifteen new episodes focusing on the escapades of the Bluth family. As the show has drawn closer, cast members have once again hit the talk show and print media circuit. These interviews and clips from the show shed some light into what may be in store for season four. 

George Michael Bluth: When "Arrested Development" was cancelled in 2006, audiences may not have expected Michael Cera to be the shows first break-out star. Following the critical success of the show, Michael was cast in a supporting role in "Juno" and lead role in "Superbad". Both films would go on to become cult classics. Now 24, Cera has joined the writing staff of "Arrested Development" alongside reprising his role as George Michael Bluth. From the brief glimpses of George Michael in the trailer, it appears that he has enrolled in college. Much to his father's surprise, it seems that his cousin Maeby is his roommate. 

Guest Stars: Those familiar with the original run of the show will remember the slew of guest actors brought in to play memorable characters. Former guests, Henry Winkler, Liza Minnelli and Scott Baio will join the featured players throughout the fourth season. Joining them will be a who's who of Hollywood character actors including John Slattery ("Mad Men"), John Krasinski (The Office) Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby) and Seth Rogen (Knocked Up). The cast of Comedy Central's "Workaholics" will also be getting in on the fun.

The Movie: When the internet originally latched on to the idea of more "Arrested Development" it appeared that a movie was going to be in the works. After schedules and funding fell through, creator Mitchell Hurwitz chose to return to television in lieu of a feature film. Though he will not confirm anything definitively, Hurwitz has continued to hint that a movie could follow the new season. Hurwitz recently told "Rolling Stone", "this is definitely the first part of a bigger story. I know there's more story and I've mapped out the story. I'm confident in how that will be. Still, I wouldn't have predicted this Netflix thing years ago. The creative people involved in this want to do more together.

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