Steph Curry's New Shoes Roasted Again By Social Media

It seems to be that the designers at Under Armour don't know how to represent Steph Curry. The two-time MVP has a lucrative contract with the shoe company but his sneakers are very awful.

Curry Chef 2 Low

Steph Curry is arguably the greatest shooter who ever played in the NBA. His accomplishments for the past year speaks for itself. However, for the second straight year, Steph Curry’s new shoes is being clowned by social media. Last year, when Under Armour debuted the Curry Chef 2 Low, everybody including Steph Curry’s fans were not amazed. The creative fans even made a name out of the shoe calling it Dad Force One.

Curry Lux ‘Oxblood’ Leather Receiving Negative Feedbacks

Earlier today, it did happen again. Under Armour released Curry Lux “Oxblood Leather” and the design looks like loafers combined with basketball shoes. Twitter bombarded Under Armour and Steph Curry with memes which are directly aimed at the new sneakers. There’s even a poll right now on which is the ugliest shoes ever created and surprisingly, the Curry Lux “Oxblood Leather” is among the top 5

By looking at the shoes, it seems that it is not even suitable for playing basketball. If Under Armour really wants to protect their stars, the designers should have made better sneakers. Steph Curry has a history of ankle problems and his new shoes won’t really support them. A celebrity even stated that even the homeless guy would eventually sell the shoe if they were given to them for free. The only problem is, there’s no guarantee that somebody will buy it.

There are no comments yet from Under Armour and Steph Curry about the backlash that they are receiving right now. In fact, multiple members of the media including the NBA tried to talk to them but no response yet. Like the Chef 2 Low, the Curry Lux “Oxblood” Leather is expected not to stay for long.

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