‘Narcos’ Season 3: Will Cali Cartel’s Gilberto Replace Pablo Escobar As The New Villain?

"Narcos" Season 3 is one of the most anticipated TV shows. Fans are intrigued to know how the makers of the show will continue it after the protagonist of the show, Pablo Escobar, is dead. The first trailer for the upcoming season shows that Cali Cartel kingpin Gilberto Rodriguez is playing the protagonist.

"Narcos" Season 3 is about the future of Colombia's drug history after Escobar's death. Even though the trailer features Gilberto as the main lead of the next season, showrunner Eric Newman says he will not directly replace Escobar, played by Wagner Moura. Instead, the season will focus on the Cali Cartel. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, it is the "most powerful crime syndicate in history."

According to Newman, there is a reason why the show is called "Narcos" and not "Pablo Escobar." The makers of the show wanted to tell the story of cocaine, and of one person or one organization. That is why the makers have always wanted to continue the TV show even after Escobar's death.

Newman said the makers didn't want to replace Escobar with anybody. The show would rather go deeper into Colombia's history of corruption and cocaine. Unlike somebody like Escobar who was an outlaw, the Cali cartel was a part of the system, Newman told The Hollywood Reporter. He said Cali enjoyed a different kind of legal protection, something that Escobar did not.

According to the Daily Express, the Calis helped dismantle the Medellin Cartel, and then they became the leader of Colombia's illegal drug trade. When asked about the possibility of telling stories on the Mexican drug cartels in Season 4, Newman said the Calis did have its roots in Mexico. Moving to stories about the Mexican cartels would be a natural evolution and "certainly a possibility," he said.

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