NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Getting Gordon Hayward? Paul Milsap Trade Stopped By Jeanie Buss?

It seems that Miami Heat is heating up the court lately with its recent winning streak. Their chances of recovering their winning ways were slim at the start of the current season. However, with their performance lately, some pundits are saying that their future is getting bright. And it might get even brighter. There are NBA trade rumors suggesting that they might be getting Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz next summer.

The Miami Heat Is Eyeing Gordon Hayward

However, the realization of these NBA trade rumors will highly depend on whether the Jazz would let go of Howard. Currently, they are in fifth place being tied up with the Los Angeles Clippers. According to some NBA pundits, this would make a trade with the Miami Heat not really a wise move for Howard.

However, some analysts say the chance to be under the patronage of a legend like Pat Riley is something that Howard should not pass aside. In addition, Riley is known for his ability to assemble a formidable team just like what he did then with LeBron James and Chris Bosh connecting them to the Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade. NBA trade rumors suggest he might be able to convince Howard to join his team.

Jeanie Buss Stepped On The Brakes

Meanwhile, in the Western front, there are NBA trade rumors suggesting that Jeanie Buss, the controlling owner and President of the LA Lakers, stepped in to stop a possible Paul Milsap trade for their younger core of players. In January, there were rumors saying that the Lakers were giving up some of its younger players for veterans like Milsap.

These NBA trade rumors were sparked by the statements made by Buss herself. The LA Lakers will host the next All Star Weekend next season and the LA Lakers President was quoted as saying it "would break my heart" not having an All-Star in her team. But recent developments seem to signify that this Paul Milsap trade may no longer happen.

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