Pokémon GO: Niantic Launches Its Third Biggest Ban Wave

By Kim Chan , Apr 12, 2017 06:35 AM EDT

Niantic has been issuing huge ban waves since the start of this year. The first occurrence was on Jan. 20 to Jan. 24, the second one occurred on March 2 to March 4. The huge ban waves usually target hackers and exploiters but it seems that the third ban now sanctions "botters."

Pokémon GO : Third Ban Wave

There have been numerous reports regarding accounts getting banned by Niantic today; which many pointed out, is linked to "botting." As reported by GO Hub, the majority of accounts using Owned Core have been deliberately removed from the game; suggesting that Niantic's third ban wave now targets bot accounts and the like. For those that are not familiar with the terminology, there is a slight difference between "bot accounts" and spoofers. Here's the rough summary:

Pokémon GO : Bot Accounts vs Spoofers

Bots are automated software created by developers, which, for the most part, doesn't necessarily require player interaction; allowing for 24/7 of in-game uptime as well as uninterrupted in-game activities. Bots are mainly used for fraudulent purposes.

"Spoofers" are basically players that use GPS spoofing application, an app that gives them the ability to mask their current IP and allows them to "fly" anywhere on the map. It also provides users the ability to freely move their character in the game without the need to ever change their location in real time. This allows capturing points and objectives at the very comfort of their home. These players are technically cheaters as they bluntly violate the game's Terms of Services.

The newest ban wave is reported to target bot accounts but there are some reports that some spoofers are no longer capable of "flying" in the game. It is still unknown whether or not this is linked to the said ban wave or if this is attributed to the newest security update of both iOS and Android platforms. Regardless, it is safe to say that this is the best time to capture the nearest gym as most areas are said to be owned by bots.

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