Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Guide: How To Perma-Stun Your Opponent

By Kim Chan , Apr 12, 2017 07:41 AM EDT

Climbing into the top ladder in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 can be tricky, especially with all these seemingly overpowered abilities and combos. However, thanks to the latest update, the game is a bit more balanced than it once was, although it's still safe to say that it's far from being completely stable. Today's guide will help one tip the edge of the scale by inflicting one of the most annoying combos in the game - perma-stun build.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 : Perma-Stun Build

This build is tailored to provide as much lockdown on the opponent as possible. Note that these moves are centered on stun-locking rather than burst damage and so, proper chaining must be applied in order to maximize its damage potential. Once perfected, this moveset is much more superior than the other popular builds. Here are the exact moveset of the perma-stun build.

For Special Moves, these four abilities are mandatory: Time Control, Solar Flare, Lullaby Punch, Thunder Eraser. Next, these two Ultimate Abilities provide the highest lockdown in the game, namely Hellzone Grenade and Spirit Sword. Lastly, for Evasive Skills, choose between Dragonburn or Absolute Zero. Note that any Awoken Skill augment this build.

Perma-Stun Combo

As shown in the video below, there are no exact steps in performing the perma-stun combo, rather, it makes use of all stun-locking abilities and chaining them all to provide devastating damage to the opponent. One of the common chains to this combo is to follow up Time Control with Thunder Eraser and then Solar Flare. The Lullaby Punch serves as a hard reset to start the cycle again.

Absolute Zero helps the player to recover during the instance the enemy managed to evade the chain or the player messes up the combo. Either way, Absolute Zero freezes the enemy in place, which makes them highly vulnerable for a good follow up.

It is worth mentioning that both Hellzone Grenade and Spirit Sword are negligible as the damage of the Special combos is enough to obliterate any enemy. Nonetheless, they can still serve as a great stun-lock move, which opens up for a follow-up combo.

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