Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Finally Removes Random Exploit

Nintendo recently launched a brand new patch for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for both Switch and Wii U versions. The details of the patch were unclear, as Nintendo only stated that it just made some improvements to a fairer gameplay experience. This kind of statement might be a bit frustrating for a game patch, though fans found Nintendo's politeness is fairly comical.

The broad details of the new patch were first seen on Nintendo's official website. Fortunately, some in-depth playthrough and fan reactions pave the way for players to know what the new patch actually brings to the table. As per Game Rant, it appears that the game is much smoother now than before. Thus, the "pleasing" description, apparently, is a fitting term for the new update.

On the other hand, people from Reddit found out that the update 1.1.2 fixes the infamous arrow farming exploit, while the rupee exploit is still working for players that need cash. Farming items to the fullest is a popular method in most open-world games, so it is great to see how Nintendo maintains it.

Unfortunately, fans are still experiencing frame rate issues in some areas, particularly at the Lost Woods. In addition, they have noted that battling against Moblins could lead to few frame rate drops. However, it is nothing major. Overall, the game still offers an awesome experience despite the multiple issues here and there.

With the game's impressive performance thus far, several gamers said that it should be considered as a contender for the Game of the Year award. Knowing that the game becomes even better, Breath of the Wild seems to be in a very good spot.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has not yet revealed any details for the game's DLC yet. It is said that players are excited to see the arrival of its new content, which is expected to be revealed by the company soon.


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