Clever Burger King Ad Gets Google Home Do This Amusing Thing

A clever Burger King Ad can voice-search enable Google Home assistant to read aloud the Wikipedia definition for Burger King’s flagship Whopper burger. Also affected in the ad's genius advertising strategy released Wednesday are Android phones within listening range of their TV. The full-fledged marketing blitz could become an amusing yet annoying precedent for TV and radio ads talking directly to voice-activated gadgets.

In the 15-second ad, a man in a Burger King uniform leans into the camera and says “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Google Home and other mentioned devices then get activated to search for the burger's definition which includes an enticing list of food ingredients. Interestingly, it was just a short-lived intrusion on Google Home as the devices stopped responding to the commercial prompt a few hours after it was released.

It was most likely Google Home's countermeasure for the Burger King ad. According to The Guardian, the company might have updated the Home software to ensure it didn’t respond to the specific commercial sound clip. However, the company did not give any comment on whether it was true or not.

According to  CNBC, the combination of commercials and voice command devices are seen as a technology to break down the fourth wall. The food company's, José Cil, added that the strategy is a “cool way to connect directly with our guests”. He added in a statement that the viral commercial video was not an ad, but an experimental My Day feature which will call out timely content.

It's interesting to note the reactions of Google Home owners to the genius Burger King Ad range from praise to complaints of intrusion. Mr. Cil did admit that they could have done better in this case as they continue to experiment with new ways of advertising using technology. However, some experts believe that the ad had value even if it was meant to provoke.

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