Here's What Wozniak Says About Apple, Google, Facebook, and Life In 2075

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 17, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

Being Steve Jobs founding partner of Apple in 1976, we are curious as to what Steve Wozniak can say about the future of his company, as well as other tech behemoths like Google and Facebook, and how he thinks cities are going to thrive in 2075. Wozniak had caught people's attention when he single-handedly designed and developed Apple I which launched the incredibly popular and trusted tech giant Apple products. Without a doubt, he has become one of tech world's most sought-after sage.

In line with next week's Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) theme, “The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?” , Wozniak who is lovingly called Woz by many, reveals his thoughts about the future. He says that most big tech companies headlining today will retain their powerful influence on the public. In fact, he believes that these behemoths will get even bigger.

According to a video by the San Francisco Gate, Wozniak is convinced that Apple, Facebook, and Google are going to dominate the world as they grow in power and influence come 20175. Specifically, he talks about Apple being just like the IBM in terms of stock capital and market value. Given that the company has tremendous investing powers, it can do anything, making it highly possible that it will still be around decades from now.

Same goes for Facebook and Google as the market value for each tech monster continues to grow, it ensures its longevity through its stock power and widespread popularity. According to USA Today, Woz also talks about the future of cities as the populations become denser by the minute. He believes that cities are going to be built in deserts as we run out of space to inhabit.

It's interesting to note that Wozniak helped create the Silicon Valley Comic-con last year, which explores the dynamic relationship of tech and pop culture in a colorful manner. The three-day Comic-Con conference that will commence next week promises to showcase more ideas of the future from tech and pop culture icons. This year's exciting guest list includes the 30th-anniversary cast reunion of Star Trek: The Next Generation, William Shatner, ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and awesome architect Greg Lynn.

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