‘The Fate of The Furious' Defied Logic; End Credits Scene Starring Dwayne Johnson Removed Because Of Vin Diesel?

By Shor M. Rae , Apr 17, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

The highly awaited “The Fast and The Furious” latest sequel has finally been released in cinemas. The action movie may have defied logic but it has been dubbed the best movie of the franchise yet. Meanwhile, the “candy-ass” feud between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson may have cost them an ending credit scene in the new movie.

“The Fate of The Furious” Action Scenes Are Wild And Crazy

Fans have loved the “The Fast and The Furious” movie franchise for all the adrenaline rush and action-packed races. However, the latest movie of the said franchise levels up the notch as it brings in ridiculous stunts that everyone found amazing. “The Fate of The Furious” opened with the nostalgic drag race set in Havana, Cuba but things takes a different turn when Dominic decides to race with a beatdown car, which he upgraded with just the help of a nitro booster. Ridiculous as it may seem, it was still a fun sight to watch the fastest car in Havana defeated by a car that couldn't keep up.

Things get better when Dom goes rogue, amping up the drama and the action. As revealed in the movie, Dom is forced to work for the elusive Cipher after the latter abducted two of Dom’s loved ones. Rogue Dom didn’t just become faster but deadlier with the help of hackers as countless zombie cars swarmed New York City. Not to mention that even as a lone soldier, he was able to get out of a five-way trap, dodge a heat-seeking missile, outrun a submarine, and take down a helicopter.

End Credits Scene Axed Because Of Movie Stars’ Feud?

Just before the “The Fate of The Furious” made its grand debut in cinemas worldwide, it had been revealed that its movie stars, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson had been in a feud even during the filming. The said feud was put into light when The Rock aired his grievances on his official Instagram account. Fortunately, it looks like Diesel and Johnson have patched up just recently, saying that this was just like an ordinary fight within a family.

However, that didn’t stop rumors to stir that it was because of the feud that a supposed end credits scene starring Johnson and Jason Statham was removed. According to rumors, Diesel reportedly found out about the end credits scene, which was supposed to be a sneak peek at the franchise's spinoff movie, and he demanded that it be taken off. Another source though has debunked the rumors saying that there were never plans to reveal an end credits scene in “The Fate of The Furious”.

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