What New Surface Devices Will Microsoft Unveil In May?

Microsoft is holding an event this coming May 2 which will commence at exactly 9:30 A.M. ET. The company will be showcasing its new software and hardware on the said event, codenamed "Bespin", which will happen in New York City. The news was announced after Microsoft sent out press invites a few days ago. A number of speculations have since surfaced regarding the products that will be unveiled on that day. However, some of these speculations, particularly a new Surface Pro and a Surface Phone, may not come true.

According to The Verge, sources have informed the website that the two most awaited Surface devices will not be among the hardware that will be unveiled at the event. What may possibly be introduced is the follow-up to the Surface 3 tablet. Rumors say that the event will be more education-centric. The Surface 3 successor is supposedly geared towards students so the rumor may have some truth into it.

Windows Central also thought a Surface Phone may not be included in this year's line-up of releases. It has been years since news of a Microsoft Surface Phone first appeared and rumors of it finally appearing in the May event may be more of wishful thinking. One of the reasons why many in the industry believe that Microsoft is having difficulty developing a Surface Phone is its poor "mobile ecosystem". As Windows Central put it, "smartphones are Microsoft's Achilles Hell".

Some still believe that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has a chance to make it to the May event though it is very slim. It was earlier rumored for an April release but it is looking more likely to be unveiled later. If that's the case, it could still make it at the event though there's a stronger rumor that says the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled in October. There are also reports that another device will be launched by Microsoft which the website described as a "category-defining ultimate mobile device". The company's CEO, Satya Nadella, already said that it is working on the said ultimate mobile device that will be more of a PC than a smartphone.

There is also talk that Microsoft may finally unveil the highly-anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio at the event. If the video game console does make an appearance, it is unlikely that Microsoft will only reveal its design and not its specifications. Those will likely be disclosed at the E3 event in June. Some pundits also expect Microsoft to introduce its latest Windows 10 Cloud operating system which is an alternative to the Chrome OS. As mentioned, the event is codenamed "Bespin" which as a planet in "Star Wars". Floating among the clouds of Bespin is Cloud City which may be a clue to what the May 2 event will focus on.

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