Police Robots Are Finally Here To Bust Criminals

Police robots in Brazil make up one of the most technologically advanced bomb squads in South America. These real-life Robocops are called on duty to assess dangerous situations and deactivate bombs and grenades planted by drug traffickers in the country. Meanwhile, in Virginia, USA, the newest guy on the force is a tactical robot which essentially does the same things as the Rio Bot.

Today's advancing technology is offering a viable solution to the unfortunate rise of various crimes in the form of real life Robocops. Mainly tasked to be the first to be assigned to a dangerous crime scene, these machines reduce the likelihood of casualties among the police force. So far, they prove to be exceptionally effective in their jobs, tracking criminals, neutralizing grenades, and even taking down hostile shooters.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Brazil's police department have come to rely heavily on a police robot that inspects suspicious packages left in crowded public areas. Additionally, it helps police fight the drug lords who control the city’s slums by doing the dangerous work of removing and detonating unexploded grenades that drug traffickers often plant to kill police and rival gangs. Needless to say, the Rio de Janeiro’s police force is proud of its state-of-the-art robot.

Unfortunately, Brazil is broke, and its bomb-disposal unit could no longer financially shoulder the cost of running the bomb-sniffing robot as the city struggles to pay its debts amid the deep recession. Meanwhile, robots and drones are becoming more common in other parts of the world as they join the police force in fighting criminals. According to The Washington Post, a SWAT team in Manassas, Virginia is busy learning how to use their newly acquired crime-fighting gizmo.

Police robots have increasingly become popular in the police force this year. In Los Angeles last year, a police robot was deployed to snatch a gun from an attempted-murder suspect. In Dallas, two months earlier, a robot rigged with explosives was used to kill a suspect in the shooting deaths of five police officers.

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