Galaxy S8 First Major Problems May Make You Think Twice About Buying It

The first sets of Samsung's Galaxy S8 have finally reached buyers this week, but major problems have already surfaced regarding this premium smartphone. Although the issues are not critical, they could be setbacks for the phone company. The first big problem with the handset involves the phone's most important feature: the Infinity display.

The Infinity display of Samsung's latest flagship has reddish tint according to some buyers. This is a bit mind-boggling since infinity display is one of its best features, and it's what makes the phone currently unique. Samsung went for a curved OLED display with a screen that is even rated as the best screen in the market by some experts, making the iPhone 8 to reportedly want to feature the OLED screen manufactured by Samsung.

According to BGR, the reddish tint issue on the Galaxy S8 might be caused by the color balance of the screen after Samsung used deep red AMOLED to strengthen the red. However, some customers said that it did not improve after correcting the color display settings. Samsung responded that it is not a quality issue, and it can be easily adjusted with the phone itself, or customers can have it changed at the service center.

Meanwhile, according to  Forbes, there are other late problems involving the new handset's physical features. These include the position of the fingerprint sensor, the rear camera, and smaller battery size. These are not serious problems but some people complain about it, citing lack of innovation and poor design as reasons for the issues.

Regarding the rear-positioned fingerprint sensor, some people say that the location of the sensor leads to smudges on the camera's lens. When it comes to the rear camera and battery sizes, there really isn't anything Samsung can do much about it. The premium price also makes some people complain, but Samsung have been using quality materials and upgraded designs, and people really can't expect to pay less for a premium phone.


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