‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 88 - 89 Spoilers: Picollo Trains Gohan To The Max; Yurin Appears On The Scene

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 20, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

The latest "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 spoilers reveal that Picollo will be training Gohan to the max. Picollo is just fulfilling his promise to Goku that he will prepare Gohan so that he will be ready when the Tournament of Power begins. There are also some rumors that Yurin will make his appearance in episode 89.

Why Gohan Needs To Be Trained

Fans will recall that Gohan has not been practicing his martial arts skills because he was busy studying to be a scholar. But his father Goku needs all the qualified fighters he needs to win the Tournament of Power to save Universe 7. So, some spoilers of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 reveal that he will visit Piccolo for his needed training.

Piccolo Will Pull Out All The Stops

The title of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 is "Gohan and Piccolo, The Master and the Disciples Intense Training to the Limit." It appears that Piccolo will pull out all the stops in getting Gohan ready for his match in the upcoming tournament. There are only about 31 hours left before the start of the competition so he must be fit enough to face his opponent in the battle arena.

Yurin Will Appear In Episode 89

It seems that there will be a mysterious new character that will appear in the next episode. The title of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 is "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo?" Some spoilers reveal that this new character is a girl named Yurin. There are rumors suggesting that she can transform herself into a Super Saiyan.

Is She Good Or Bad?

Fans will recall that the "Universe Survival Arc" preview featured a female Broly. It could be possible that Yurin is this female Saiyan. There are also some "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 spoilers indicating that Yurin could just be Launch in disguise. These rumors came about because Launch can manifest herself into two types of persons. One is blond-haired who is a criminal and always angry, while the other is blue-haired, and is kind and friendly.

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