Does Samsung's S8 Infinity Display Live Up To Buyer's Expectations?

Samsung Galaxy S8, with its unique Infinity Display, is being presently dubbed as the best smartphone available on the market. Several experts have said that it has one of the best phone designs in history, and, it certainly holds the title as the best phone Samsung has ever made. However, do consumers really know anything about the hotly-discussed display?

The main issue that some people have about Samsung's latest flagship is that while the Infinity has a Quad HD display with a resolution of 2960 x 1440, the phone's default is to only run at Full HD (2220x1080). While the display is admittedly gorgeous, it also eats up a significant portion of its battery life. It is also a little tricky to find this particular information since Samsung hasn't really gone out of its way to mention it.

According to Phone Arena, given that the Infinity Display is one of Samsung Galaxy S8's important feature, and perhaps even a selling point, it's strange how only a few reviews mention the display resolution. Even the brand's official page talks about how "amazing" the Infinity Display is, but you have to scroll way down to the specs page before you see the limitations of the display, or the battery life.

Samsung's reason for the resolution change is understandable as it is obsessively paranoid about its battery performance after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. To solve the problem, it has to set the default resolution to 1080p in order to improve performance and battery life. Despite of this limitation, according to the Business.Scoop, Vodafone gave the phone's display a raving review.

The giant British multinational telecommunications company commends Galaxy S8's Infinity Display as having an incredible end-to-end display that takes your content to the limits of the phone. To top it all off, Vodafone also praised the phone's Super AMOLED display, which is both "vivid and bright", and how the contrast levels provide a pin-sharp and colourful display, leaving those of LCD behind. In the end, the choice to buy S8 falls on whether the buyer prioritizes battery life, or a stunning rich display.

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