Pokémon GO: Spoofing Still Works Amidst Security Updates

By Kim Chan , Apr 20, 2017 10:28 AM EDT

Last month, it was revealed that the security update for both Android and iOS platforms will inhibit all users from utilizing their spoofing applications and finally purge the game from its cheaters. However, following the launching of the two security updates, it seems that the change did not deliver what was expected.

Pokémon GO : Spoofing Over?

 Go Hub initially reported that GPS spoofing is now finally over for all Android devices version 7.1 and above. The report shows that with the update, Pokémon GO is now capable of detecting if the user is faking his or her location. As shown in this image, the app now displays "Failed to detect location" once the user activates the "flying feature."

However, spoofing is far from over as a number of Reddit users have presented proofs that spoofing is still alive and well - even for those that are using 7.1 Android devices. As stated by one user, there may be some troubles using the application but there are a lot of ways to work around the security and ultimately fly in the game.

iOS users also noted that there are actually no changes in their user experience and they can still fly as intended. It is still unclear whether or not this case applies to all devices. Nonetheless, it's safe to say that despite all the updates and the efforts of Niantic in clearing the game from cheaters, nearly all spoofing applications still work like they used to.

Spoofing Problems

It was previously reported that the severity of one spoofing issue in a city in Germany has virtually halted Pokémon GO's activity for the past several days. As noted, one spoofer managed to take down and camp all gyms in the area - leaving all trainers infuriated and disappointed. The hacker was said to have been reported numerous times but it seems that Niantic has been slow in properly sanctioning these offenders.

And so many are wondering, will the spoofing issues in Pokémon GO be solved? Check back for more Pokémon GO news and updates!

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