‘Scandal’ Latest News: Shocking Death Sparks Reactions From Ellen DeGeneres And Even Show Creator Shonda Rhimes

This "Scandal" latest news reveals the reactions of some people over the shocking death of Elizabeth North in the previous episode. A majority of viewers, including TV host Ellen DeGeneres, have expressed their feelings about the fact that the character of Portia de Rossi has been cut down by blows to her head. That scene was so sudden and unexpected, to say the least, that even Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, has expressed her sentiments.

North's Shocking Death Was Unforgettable

That episode of "Scandal," particularly the scene when North was hit by a golf club several times on the head, with her blood spurting out in the face of Senator Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) will stay long in the memories of viewers. The latest news is that North's shocking death has sparked enough emotions in the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Shonda Rhimes, and many others to induce them to issue their reactions.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Proud Of Portia's Performance

For those not in the know, Portia de Rossi is the wife of Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host posted her comments on Twitter praising her wife's performance in the previous episode of "Scandal." Portia's shocking death means she will no longer be a part of the show. Ellen added that she will miss Lizzie Bear, but is glad that her Portia Bear is sitting next to her.

Shonda Rhimes Have To Let Her Go

On her part, Shonda Rhimes, creator of "Scandal" says that she would like to keep Elizabeth North forever in the show, but kidnapping is illegal. It seems she knows that Portia has already crafted a vision of her creative future. Apparently, that future does not include being in the show forever so they scripted her shocking death. Rhimes added she wishes Portia all the best.

Portia Has Other Plans In The Future

According to the latest news, Portia de Rossi chose to focus on her publishing business and art curation. She said she wanted to try something different. In addition, her business is already growing and is consuming much of her time. That probably made the decision for the showrunners to plan for her character's shocking death in "Scandal."

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