First IMAX VR Arcade Enjoys Massive Success With This Awesome Feature

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 24, 2017 05:37 AM EDT

Virtual reality just got the shove it needs to settle as one of mainstream entertainment in the form of IMAX's first VR arcade in Los Angeles. The company's latest VR offering is an experiment to find out if more people are going to be interested in trying their hands on experiencing VR entertainment. On Friday, IMAX announced that the company's arcade experiment has been indeed a massive success.

Due to its novelty, the company did not expect any positive outcome from the arcade VR trial. However, a lot of consumers did show up and were recorded to be having loads of fun trying out the newest form of entertainment. The immersive feature of the VR world, plus IMAX's wide-range arcade offerings, which include experiencing VR on your own, or with a group of friends, has made the first run in LA a success.

According to Mashable, IMAX CEO Richard Lewis Gelfond shared generally positive results of the VR arcade in detail. He said that the LA facility has been open for roughly 3 months now, and over 20,000 unique visitors have already enjoyed the VR system. From a revenue standpoint, he stated that the center earns roughly $15,000 a week, and continues to exceed expectations.

The ticket to a VR experience is priced at around $7 to $10, and you get every penny's worth as it gives you a front seat to the dawn of a new entertainment era. A lot of interested consumers came in the form of family, friends, and even couples. The difference between watching a regular movie and the VR experience comes when you enter the inner VR pod, which is equipped with both HTC Vive headsets, the Star VR headset, and the SubPac audio vest.

Per The Motley Fool, IMAX has already tapped Time Warner Inc. with the VR arcade experience last month. The companies have signed a deal to collaborate on three premium original virtual reality content experience based on upcoming movies Justice League, Aquaman, and a yet unknown piece. They would be available for an exclusive window in IMAX VR arcades.

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