NFL Trade Rumors: New England Patriots Not Trading Jimmy Garoppolo To Cleveland Browns? What Will It Take To Pry Him Out?

By Joseph St. James. , Apr 24, 2017 05:14 AM EDT

It is becoming weirder in the NFL with the 2017 NFL Draft just a couple of days away. There are conflicting NFL trade rumors saying that the New England Patriots are trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the Cleveland Browns. But there are also some speculations saying that the backup quarterback is staying put with the current Super Bowl Champion. Which of these rumors will turn out to be true?

The NFL Trade Rumors About Jimmy Garoppolo Laid To Rest?

The recent NFL trade rumors about Jimmy Garoppolo being traded to the Cleveland Browns are seemingly laid to rest by a recent report. It seems that the Patriots intend to retain Jimmy Garoppolo for the rest of the 2017 season and even beyond. He was crucial to the team as he has pinched-hit for Tom Brady when the starter quarterback is not available. This happened when Brady was suspended for four games as part of the Deflategate penalties of the NFL in 2016.

What Will Pry Garoppolo Out Of The Patriots?

The NFL trade rumors connecting Jimmy Garoppolo with the Cleveland Browns started when some reports said that the Patriots will let go of their backup quarterback if the Browns' are willing to give up their No. 12 overall pick in 2017 and a second-round pick in 2018. But the realization of these rumors will really depend on the Browns' assessment of Garoppolo's potential in their team.

In order for these NFL trade rumors to materialize, the Cleveland Browns have to believe that Garoppolo is indeed the quarterback that they need in lieu of Patrick Mahomes or Mitchell Trubisky. At the outset, it appears that Jimmy Garoppolo is the better choice. However, it really depends on what the front office of the Browns thinks.

For Now, Garoppolo Is Staying With The Patriots

At the moment, it appears that Jimmy Garoppolo is keeping his uniform in the locker room of the New England Patriots. However, this situation will not deter any other NFL trade rumors from coming up since the 2017 NFL draft is just looming on the horizon. Perhaps, a situation will arise that will turn the tide favorable to the Cleveland Browns vis-a-vis this trade scenario. No one can say.

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