Robots Can Be The Best CEO In 30 Years, Jack Ma Says

Jack Ma, is a professional and Chinese business magnate who is the founder and CEO of Alibaba Group Holding Limited. He said that robots will get the top jobs because they're "more rational" compared to the thinking of humans. He also warned people that robots will bring "far more pain than happiness" in the next 30 years. However, he added artificial intelligence will ultimately improve our everyday lives.

Robots Can Make Business Grow More

"In 30 years, a robot will likely be on the cover of Time Magazine as the best CEO," said Jack Ma. The Chinese CEO said that statement at a conference in China over the weekend because he believes that people are just a few decades away from having robots run various companies. According to Mashable, Ma sees a bright future where artificial intelligence (AI) works with people in order to create a much better world.

On the other hand, that doesn't mean that all aspects of things are going to get better in the near time. "In the next three decades, the world will experience far more pain than happiness," Ma said. In addition to that, he also predicted a much shorter work hours per week, that is "four hours a day, maybe three days a week."

Negative Effects Of Robot Technology

Robots aren't just there to represent and do blue collar jobs. A variation of high-end jobs is expected to be seriously impacted by AI, and this includes professions such as lawyers, doctors, and CEOs. As for now, people are just starting to see robots out in the real world, especially in business, performing jobs once held by people.

Long term, Ma predicts robots will help humans, as reported by USA Today. In fact, self-regulation in business has been met with both positive thinking and worrying, particularly for workers who fear businesses leaning more on robotics that may lead to fewer jobs for people. A recent survey from found that 58 percent of CEOs plan to cut jobs over the next five years because of robot technology.


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