iPhone 8 Will Make Mincemeat Out Of Samsung Galaxy S8 If Alleged Benchmark Scores Prove True

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung continues as the latter is just months shy of finally unveiling its next flagship smartphone. The iPhone 8 is expected to pose the biggest challenge to the Galaxy S8 which is currently lording it over the industry. If the result of this certain Geekbench test is true, then the iPhone 8 will have the capacity to destroy every other smartphone that stands in its way.

As BGR pointed out, Geekbench and other benchmarking tools determine how good a processor is by subjecting it to stress and other tests. The app then provides scores based on the results. The benchmark score that leaked very recently via "Slashleaks" shows what is likely the iPhone 8's score that is a whole lot better than what the Galaxy S8 got.

A device with the Apple A11 chip at a speed of 2.74GHz and is running on iOS 11 is the subject of the leaked Geekbench 4 test. The details provided fit what the iPhone 8 would be like. In the test, supposed Apple flagship had a single-core score of 4,537 and an 8,975 score for multi-core. The single core score is 30 percent better than the iPhone 7's score as per GSMArena. The Samsung Galaxy S8, meanwhile, got a 1,495 score. As for the multi-core, the iPhone 7 Plus' score is 58 percent worse than the leaked score while the Galaxy S8 Plus had 6,338 which is 41 percent less. In both cases, the score of the alleged iPhone 8 was more or less 50 percent better than the Android industry's best bet.

Of course, just like with all other leaks and rumors, nothing is set in stone. As BGR mentioned, leaks like this one can easily be manipulated using Photoshop. Additionally, not all benchmark test results completely reflect how a device will actually perform. What these benchmark test results prove, though, is that Apple is intent on making the iPhone 8 the most powerful smartphone in the market and is ready to make mincemeat out of Samsung and the Galaxy S8.

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