These 5 Smartphones Have The Best Battery Life

What good is a phone for when you can't use it when it matters most? Most smartphone users prefer their devices to not run out of juice that easily. Tom's Guide and CNET each shared their own experiences with various smartphones and these 5 below are just a few that passed the test in terms of long-lasting battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The star of 2017 is currently the Galaxy S8 simply because it's pretty package is packed with some of the most powerful features around. Its big brother, the S8 Plus, adds one more feather to Samsung's cap by being the smartphone with the best battery life so far. Samsung claims that the Galaxy S8 Plus lasted up to 18 hours in a lab test. In real life, it supposedly lasted for more than 24 hours. The person who made that claim also said that the S8 Plus had 9 hours of screen on time or SoT though the display was set at 720p and there was no gaming involved.

Moto Z Play

With the Galaxy S8 Plus still fresh off the oven, the Moto Z Play still remains one of the most proven and dependent phablets in terms of juice. The $669 midrange smartphone with a 3,50mAh battery lasted for 23 hours and 3 minutes. However, when surfing the web via LTE, the Moto Z play went on for 13 hours and 46 minutes, still good enough to be at the top.

LG X Power

This $200 smartphone from LG has a whopping 4,100mAh battery and a battery life of 12 hours and 58 minutes. The LG X Power is not that popular though its top-tier battery life and affordability will be a factor among buyers.

Cat S60

This rugged smartphone comes with a huge 3,800mAh battery. It lasted around 28 hours on one charge with normal use including playing music, checking social media and emails, and making calls. The figure decreases when doing other tasks such as streaming videos and playing games.

When the Cat S60 is asleep, it automatically goes on a battery-saving mode called Doze which powers down unneeded services during its slumber. It also has the Quick Charge 2.0 feature which charges the battery to 40 percent in just 15 minutes.

Blu Energy XL

Another affordable smartphone, the Blu Energy XL comes with a $299 price tag, a slim metal design, and monstrous 5,020mAh battery. According to Tom's Guide test, the Energy Xl lasted for 12 hours and 15 minutes while doing surfing.

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