Turn Your Galaxy S8 To A Transparent Beauty---Here's How

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is dubbed as the world's most beautiful smartphone, but wait until you see this transparent beauty transformed from its regular appearance with the use of common household tools. Its new clear-backed appearance looks so novel and unique that it adds more value to your already valuable handset. To find out how to do this, a YouTube uploader names JerryRigsEverything will show you how.

The process for making your own clear-backed Galaxy S8 looks so simple, but it still involves a bunch of specialized tools and hand work. It's important to take the delicate back covering off with extreme care. Additionally, you'll need to carefully separate the fingerprint sensor and camera frame prior to starting the transformation.

The simplest part in this DIY transparent Samsung Galaxy S8 is to turn its black back into the clear glass. According to  BGR, the whole process does not take very long, and the payoff looks really great. First, the guy in the video uses heat and a special tool to pry off the glass backing from the phone, then he uses an epoxy paint remover to take off the coloring.

While this would have been enough, JerryRigEverything went even further by taking out 14 screws to remove the NFC chip for wireless charging which blocks the pretty inside guts. Next, he secures the backing with double-sided tape, then uses high-strength paint cleaner to remove the coloring and laminate backing. He also uses a glass cleaner to polish up the clear glass back.

The result is a totally transparent beautiful glass-only Galaxy S8 back with a visible battery and circuitry underneath. However, according to The Verge, there's a catch to this DIY project as now the phone just can’t be wirelessly charged anymore. It also voids every warranty in existence and makes your phone vulnerable to water.

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